Registered Inspectors Program

EWPA Registered Inspector Programme

The EWPA Registered Inspector Program is a national initiative whereby potential inspectors are formally assessed, verified and moderated to ensure they possess the level of experience and expertise required to undertake 6 month and/or major inspections of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms as stated in Australian Standard AS2550.10. The Standard & New Zealand EWP Best Practice Guidelines for MEWP state that only a Competent Person can carry out 6 month and/or major inspections.

"Our mission is to promote and support best and safe practices in the use and maintenance of EWP"

The EWPA Registered Inspector Programme is the best method to educate, improve compliance and consistency of EWP maintenance within New Zealand. The cost of major inspections of EWP is significant, the need to have this maintenance undertaken correctly is essential. The Registered Inspector Programme compels inspectors to follow the EWP Best Practice Guidelines and relevant industry standards and therefore gives EWP owners, operators greater certainty of equipment compliance and safety. 

Why EWP owners should only use registered inspectors

Registered Inspectors:

  • Work for EWPA Member Companies
  • Have significant industry experience, training and continued development 
  • Are audited annually to ensure inspections are undertaken correctly

So, make sure you use a Registered Inspector! Your equipment will be compliant and safe and you are getting what you pay for!  

Why become a Registered Inspector?

This programme sets an industry benchmark and enables companies to genuinely differentiate themselves from the cowboys!  The application process requests evidence related to the maintenance of high skill levels, industry knowledge and experience. 

  • Inspector educational seminars, moderation and support,
  • Press releases promoting the Registered Inspector Programme,
  • Links from EWPA, and other key stakeholder websites, to the Register of Inspection Companies,
  • Printed flyers detailing the names of Registered Inspection Companies,
  • Advertising feature run in key industry publications,
  • Articles submitted to ‘Construction News’, ‘Safeguard Magazine’, ‘Hire & Rental News’.

It is likely that many industry sectors that use, own or hire EWP's will in time require their service providers to have ‘Registered Inspectors’.  

How to become a Registered Inspector?

An applicant wishing to hold a Registered Inspector card is required to:

  • Be employed by a Member Company of the EWPA
  • Be nominated and sponsored by their employer
  • Submit a completed application form containing relevant training, qualifications and experience for formal assessment and verification.
  • Applicants are required to document and provide physical evidence of their industry training, qualifications and experience covering:
  • Industry experience: inspection experience and number of years in the industry
  • Training courses attended: Manufacturer’s training courses and any other relevant technical courses
  • Professional/trade related qualifications: e.g. qualified diesel mechanic, electrician etc.
  • CBIP Accreditation - Level 1 (for 6-month certs), L2 (for major inspections) or L3 for both.
  • Documentation supplied: physical evidence (copies) of inspections, qualifications and licences.

View our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the RI Programme

To apply review the Application Process and Information