RI Program FAQ's

RI Programme FAQ's

Q: Why are you registering the company and not the individual inspectors?

Because the company has overall responsibility for their quality of work.

  • Staff hold qualifications and practicing certification – that is their professional recognition.
  • The registration is the equivalent for the companies.

Q: Can companies be registered if they use a contrator for servicing? 

No, registration will be issued to a company who has registered inspectors employed.

A company that does not directly employ staff with all required skills can still become accredited.

Q: I only sell and hire EWP’s – will this RI Programme be for me?

Probably not if you just sell or hire EWP’s and do not service or repair. This programme is for companies that provide servicing and maintenance to the EWP industry.

Q: How is the EWPA planning on working with the companies that are not engaging in the accreditation programme?

The EWPA will work with those companies that have made a commitment to the RI programme.

Becoming registered shows support for the uptake and implementation of the Best Practice Guidelines, relevant Standards and the Health & Safety at Work Act.  The EWPA will use its resources to support the RI programme and its promotion of the registered businesses with New Zealand.

Q: How will the register of companies be managed?

There will be one register maintained on the Registered Inspector Programme webpage. Companies will be listed randomly each time the page is displayed.