RI Application Process

EWPA Registered Inspector Application Process

Submit your completed application form along with all supporting documentation to office@ewpa.org.nz. 
Your application will be checked, any outstanding information will be requested.  
An electronic invoice will then be issued. Your application fee must be paid up front. Your application will start being processed as soon as payment is made.
You will be sent an online exam. Once you have passed the exam, your application will be submitted to the Competency Assessment Committee (CAC).  To ensure robust outcomes, three panel members will assess your application.

During the assessment process you may be contacted and asked to clarify or provide additional information.  A decision will be made within 60 days of the application date. You will be advised by email and a formal letter. Successful applicants will receive an ID card, companies will be added to the website register, and Registered Inspector logos will be granted for use.

Application Form and Agreement

Please ensure you complete the application form accurately and in full. The company contact details will be used to populate the website register. All applicants must be current financial members of the EWPA.  
Please ensure all documents and attachments are well labelled. Applications must be submitted electronically by email.
Please note: Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Download an application pack here:

EWPA Registered Inspector Application

EWPA Registered Inspector Programme Information

Application & Renewal Fees

Application Fee: $100 plus GST.

Please note: This fee covers administration costs. The administrator reserves the right to charge an additional administration fee to cover any extra costs incurred through incorrect or incomplete applications.


An electronic invoice will be issued upon receipt of your full documentation.  Registration status is subject to full payment of this invoice.