About the EWPA

About the EWPA

The primary objective of the EWPA is to promote best and safest practices for the use and maintenance of Elevating Work Platforms.  We fulfill this objective by advocating for consistently high standards of EWP related training, and in areas of maintenance and certification. 
Specific initiatives have included:


The Association has encouraged and endorsed the development of unit-standard based, quality assured EWP Operator courses by independent trainers. Such NZQA accredited operator training is now widely available.

Maintenance & Inspection

We have collaborated with Worksafe, ACC and others in the industry to define competence for EWP maintenance in a framework administered by the Certification Board for Inspection Personnel (CBIP).  To achieve compliance and assure their insurance coverage, end users should only use EWPs that are certified by a CBIP inspector.

In the future we intend to define a maintenance accreditation regime integrating the requirements set out in the Best Practice with systems paralleling those defined in the PECPER Regulations. 

Best Practice Definition

The EWPA‘s current definition of best practice is based upon full compliance with the Best Practice for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms and it's associated standards. In conjunction with regulatory authorities and standard-setting bodies we provide unambiguous interpretation of inspection and maintenance requirements.

Our Purpose: A professional industry collective, providing support, education and advocacy.
Our Mission: To promote and support best and safe practices in the use and maintenance of EWP.
Our Values: 
Safety -  constantly striving to improve safety and reliability as stated in AS/NZS1418 and AS2550 and Health and Safety at Work Act.
Engagement - creating and maintaining partnerships with members, industry and key government agencies.
Representation - working for industry to protect and promote their interests. 

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