"to promote and support best and safe practices in the use and maintenance of Elevating Work Platforms"

EWPA Registered Inspector Programme

Registered Companies

The Registered Inspector Programme provides a new way forward for the EWP Industry in NZ.  Our goal is to ensure all maintenance of EWPs within New Zealand is carried out by qualified and registered inspectors working within member businesses, providing confidence and assurance to EWP owners and operators that EWP's are properly maintained, compliant and safe.

This webpage provides a register of companies who have registered inspectors employed, had their skills and work practices moderated by an assessment panel, and have met the required standards. They have also signed an agreement stating all their workmanship, work practices and processes, from the date of registration, will be consistent with the EWP Best Practice Guidelines, and relevant industry standards.

Note: The registered inspector programme webpages, can only be viewed currently by members of the EWPA.  The list of registered companies will be populated below as at 30 April 2018, when the above mentioned webpages become public.  This allows time for members companies to make application and for all registered to become public at once.

On the 30th April, a list will auto populate below, in random order each time it is displayed.

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